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I enrolled in some classes! I start in August! Yay!! I also enrolled in some art workshops! Yayy!! :3

Other than thaaaat - Art-wise thoughts? I’ve come to terms with the fact that I cannot work when my room is dirty, and once I stop the procrastination to clean, I will be a productive individual all over. Whenever I clean and organize, I suddenly have more drive to get stuff done. I’ve been reflecting a lot on the process of getting work done, in general - what is your workflow? How does your daily routine help you get stuff done? :)

Soo… Do You.. ever spend so much time online with the excuse that you’re “looking for inspiration” but end up wasting your precious hours scrolling through pictures and clicking through websites and watching videos and shows and movies with nothing to show for it? And then justify the waste by telling yourself you needed to take a break and relax anyways?

I do it all the time. But it stresses me out it’s not relaxing to me.

Drawing is relaxing. 

But somehow I procrastinate from it so much sometimes.


It always feels like I have so little time….

skulldrool said: Values are so hard :[


QAQ yess I agree! All the more reason to practice though. One day we will be laying down values without a thought like - bam! - pro status, ‘leggo!

By the way  I see your sketchbook studies it looks like you’ve got a handle on it already ahh. I see that blue sculpture sketch off the butt that looks so good.