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Hey! I'm Kyana. I'm fluffy. Also I'm pretty chill. Just trying to make a name for myself and continue meeting awesome new people along the way. I love the arts; love the outdoors, good food, and good friends.

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Sketchbook 005: Artist Ramblings

Sup guys! Got a new sketchbook video up. I’m really happy with my improvement, and glad that I stuck with drawing on a consistent basis. Here’s to another full sketchbook! Lemme know what you think~

(Source: youtube.com)

surrealscorpion said: Huion works like a charm does it? Im gonna have to check one out then. Screw overpaying for wacom since their brand is no longer top of the line quality

Heck yeah it does!

It took a few hours to get it to work properly - I had to calibrate it a few times to get the pen to work as close as possible to the line it was making on the screen. And it won’t work for me in SAI at all, which is a bummer but..I’m willing to learn how to paint in a different program if it means I can use it. I needed to expand my horizons anyways~

[x] I will say that if you tilt your pen too much while you draw, the space between your pen and the brush on screen is no longer as accurate. You have to draw with the pen relatively straight to get your line exactly where you want it. I don’t know if this is a fixable thing? I’ll be looking into it but it doesn’t interrupt my workflow all that much.

Also I wish the pen had an eraser. Still trying to get used to that :/

[o] But overall I think this Huion was an AWESOME choice and something that can very quickly pay for itself over a short time. Honestly I could not bring myself to drop so much cash on a cintiq - I just do not have that kind of money when there are multiple alternatives, with good reviews, for a fraction of the price. 

You just gotta fiddle with the thing and make sure you have the latest drivers~<3

For anyone curious, the official start time for the jam will be 8PM MST and will last until - well - we decide to sleep or something! I want to do more art jams with you guys in the future if you like the idea. I’m glad there’s some interest WOOHOO~ ^_^

Also, another quick mention of our Art Chat Group on Skype, Zombie Studio - let me know if you’d like to join! Add me on Skype: crypticink

Saturday Evening Art Jam

I’m planning on hosting an art jam over hangouts tomorrow evening if anyone is interested in joining! We’ll be drawing and chatting for a couple hours.

You can stream with us if you’d like! I might ask some questions about your artistic journey too soo be prepared muaha. Messege me if you are interested and I’ll notify you when the stream starts - it’ll probably end up just being a small group o’ peeps. If you just want to hang out in the chats we can do that too~

Yep! Messege me here or email me at cryptic.ink@gmail.com for more info.