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Aw yeah. You guys came for the art. But instead you got mah face. *diabolical laughter* >:D

Really though I’m inkin’ two adopts and some comis pages today unff there’s ink everywhere!! :D Posting things tonight mann! oonst oonst

in the meantime though enjoy this self-indulgent me-time i guess. ;o;

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

» tagged: #sorry for this   #mah face   #i took a break okay! xP  
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  1. calibreon said: I liek ur face
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  3. delusioninabox said: I will never get over how adorable you are. Neverrrrr. <3 <3
  4. zanderzoid said: aww oh my gosh you are such a qt!!!
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    AWE so pretty ;w;
  6. paper-eight said: UM WOW YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST DAMN seriously is it creepy that I am in love with your face???
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